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  • Entry edit Process Post-submission
  • How to Enter
  • Eligibility and Definitions
  • Entry Fees
  • Deadlines
  • Preparing My Entry
  • Notification and Winning Entries
  • Refunds

Entry edit process post early discount submission

Q: Do I need to fill in all the fields on the entry to submit and pay the entry fee to receive the early discount by February 15?
A: Yes, entrants will need to fill in all required fields on the form that are indicated with a red * in order for the application to be submitted for payment. If you do not have all your responses or samples finalized by February 15 you can still go back and make edits to your entry until March 22, 2024. There are no additional fees to edit your entry.

Q: Where do I find my completed entry?
A: Once your entry status is “complete” you will proceed to “shopping cart” and then submit your credit card payment. Once payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email. You can then access your “complete” entries, located in the left navigation bar. 

Q: How do I edit my entry after it has been entered?
A: After opening your “complete” entries you will see a blue link to “edit” next to the entry name which will allow you to modify and finalize your responses images/links for your entry anytime until March 22, 2024.

Q: What if I forget to edit my entry by the March 22nd deadline?
Please note that if you forget to go back to correct and finalize your entry by March 22, 2024, it will be judged as is. No refunds after February 15, 2024.

Video tutorial on the edit entry process

How to Enter

To enter the MCA Awards Program, click here. You will automatically establish an account when you create a basic profile. You may save your work and return to the submission site as often as needed as long as you complete and submit all parts of the entry submitted by the due date.

Entries must be prepared and formatted per each category submission requirement. For details on category requirements, please click here.

How to Enter Multiple Entries
Once an application is completed for a particular entry, that entry submission may then be copied for submission to another category without any key re-entry or re-uploads. Example: You submit a project to the Advertising category. If you then wish to submit another project to the Video category, you would return to the submission portal, log in to your account, select your previously submitted entry, copy it, and then enter the name of the new video entry, select video category and then save and submit.

If submitting multiple entries, before checking out, be sure to place all entries in the same “cart” so they show on the same invoice. This is a must for the multi-entry discount to apply correctly.

Eligibility and Definitions

Q: Who can enter the SMPS Marketing Communications Awards Program?
A: The competition is open to both SMPS members and non-members working in U.S. and international professional services firms. Any firm may enter this competition, there is no pre-qualification or preliminary process required to enter.

Q: In what time frame must the communications project be completed in order to be eligible?
A: All entries must have been created and completed between January 2022 and January 2024 for the 2024 competition.

Q: Is there a special category for small firms?
A: No, there is no longer a separate category for small firms. All firms will compete together no matter the size of the firm. 

Entry Fees

Q: How much does it cost to enter?
A:  Please refer to this page to determine the appropriate entry fees for your firm.

Q: What is the least expensive way for me to enter?
A: Take advantage of the early discount deadline and submit your entry by February 15, 2024.

Q: How do I submit payment for my entry?
A: Once you have completed and finalized all your entries and they are listed in your shopping cart,  then press proceed to checkout. Next, you may submit your credit card payment on the authorization form. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


Q: What is the entry deadline?
A: The discounted early-bird deadline is for entries submitted online by February 15, 2024. Final submissions must be completed online no later than March 22, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST, along with an additional $75 fee per entry.

Q: What is the final submission deadline?
A: Final submissions must be completed online by March 22, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Preparing My Entry

Q: Do I need to mail my entry to SMPS?
A: No, the competition is completely judged online. No folder, no printouts, no postage.

Q: What happens if I don’t follow the submittal requirements?
A: Entries that fail to follow submittal requirements will be penalized and could be disqualified. Jurors’ decisions are final.

Q: What are the specifications for the images I will submit representing my entry?
A: You will want to upload jpg files, 3000 pixels for either the width or height measurement. Please use images that best represent your entry.

Q: How do I upload print entries to be reviewed by the jurors?
A: Upload all print samples as pdf files. Be sure to include images of your printed piece, the front cover, and inside, and back cover.

Q: How many images can I upload per entry?
A: You are required to upload 3 images, but you may upload up to 6 images.

Q: How many web links related to my entry can I upload?
A: If you are submitting a digital entry,  you are required to upload at least one URL. You have the option to upload as many as 3 separate URLs to represent your entry.

Q: What if I have a special note or instructions for the jurors to review my entry?
A: There is an optional notes field at the end of the entry information form. You may add special instructions to the jurors there.

Q: Do I really need to show results?
A: Yes, results count toward your total score. Just as your firm expects you to show ROI for your marketing efforts, so do the jurors for MCA.

Q: The submittal requirements ask for budget and cost information to be included. If I do not want to share this information, can I still enter?
A: Only the jury panel will be viewing this information. It is important for the jurors to have this information when judging your entry.

Judging Process

Q: What are the criteria for judging my entry?
A: The criteria and judging process information are located here.

Q: Who are the jurors?
A: The jury is comprised of  SMPS members. They represent diverse architectural, engineering, construction, design, consulting, graphics, and marketing firms from all over the country.

Notification and Winning Entries

Q: What happens to my entry information?
A: If you are selected as a finalist in the competition, the images of your entry will be featured in our MCA Gallery.  It will also be featured during the multimedia presentation during the awards ceremony that will take place in August. All entry information and images become the property of SMPS and may be utilized in future MCA promotions or displayed during SMPS and industry educational events as examples of best practices in marketing communications.

Q: How are winners notified?
A: In June, a notification email will be emailed to the contact listed on each entry form explaining the status of the entry. Winners will be notified of the categories in which their respective firms are placed. Rankings within each category will be announced at the SMPS MCA Awards Ceremony.

Q: What is expected of my firm if it wins?
A:  Finalists are expected to review their entry information listed in MCA Gallery as soon as they are notified. They are expected to submit any media requirements needed for the awards presentation, for example submitting a photo or video of the marketing team with their award if it is received in advance. 


No refunds for any reason after February 15, 2024.